Blackberry Magic

We’ve conjured up a spooktacular cocktail called Blackberry Magic and it will cast a spell with each sip. Try mixing your Judgment Tree Vodka with the IZZE Blackberry brand juice for a quick and magical cocktail this Halloween. Or make your own blackberry juice with just a few simple steps below: 

Homemade Spooky Blackberry Juice:

In a saucepan boil together 2 packages of frozen blackberries and ½ cup of water then let simmer for 10 minutes. With a potato masher, mash the blackberries and pour into a jar through a milk bag. Process in a waterbath canner with a mason jar for blackberry juice.

Blackberry Magic Cocktail:

Mix ½ cup of blackberry juice with 2 oz. of Judgment Tree Vodka, 1 oz. of simple syrup, and ice, garnish with blackberries for a wicked drink.

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